Reaching Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware Pros on LinkedIn

Reaching Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware Pros on LinkedIn [Infographic]

LinkedIn’s producing a series of new research reports looking at how users in different sectors & industries are using LinkedIn, and the insights their data resources can support. The first report looked at the internet and information technology sector, this new report shines a light on the U.S. consumer electronics, consumer software & hardware market.
The infographic (below) includes insights on
• Which industries are attracting top talent / spurring churn in the U.S. Consumer Electronics, Software, Hardware space.
• Where key hubs for Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware are developing across the country — from coast to coast.
• What factors matter most to Consumer Electronics, Software , and Hardware professionals at work and when selecting a job — hint: they are driven and want fair compensation.
• Popular content, companies, and LinkedIn groups with cohorts — they love cloud & computers.
As you would expect, the information is fairly specific, but they support another example of the methods in which LinkedIn will be looking to utilize their vast professional data set to develop the value of their offering, which could support significant opportunities moving forward.

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