How To Develop Your Email List that Proves You Do not Need a Website

When you get imaginative with how you think about building an engaged community of subscribers, it becomes easier to see how you could get started with just the basics. Hopefully, now you have a few new tricks up your sleeve to make that happen.

Share your broadcast archive page.

Want to give future subscribers a sneak peek into emails you send? Simply send a link to the broadcast archive page to show the value of being on your list.

AWeber users have the selection to save the one-time emails they send to subscribers. When they do, the emails are stored on a page that could be shared with others:

In addition to being able to view every email you have ever sent, visitors to the page have the option to subscribe to your email list.

If you want to let your emails speak for themselves, the broadcast archive page is a good way to show that off.

How you could use this page: I recommend sharing this link just as you might share the link to your web hosting sign up form. However, keep in mind that while you are letting your emails speak for themselves, you are limited as to the call-to-action and context you could provide to convince someone to sign up forthe email list. As a result, this is ideal for those who have some familiarity with your business, and would not need an additional explanation as to who you are.

Promote your email list on social media.

If you primarily interact with consumers on social media platforms, there’re plenty of ways you can promote your email list. While your plan will depend on the social platform you use, you will at least be able to add a link to a web-hosted sign up form/landing page on your social profiles or posts.

You could also explore the unique lead generation opportunities different social platforms offer to help you cross-promote the email list.

If you have a large Facebook following, for instance, you could run paid ads that direct people to subscribe to your list. You could also use their Call-to-Action feature on your business page cover photo & link to your hosted sign up form

Bonus content: Learn how to promote your email list on all your social channels with this free ebook& email course

Leverage offline networking with mobile sign up form apps.

If you interact with potential customers during conferences, networking events or meetups, chances are you will need a simple way to get them to sign up forthe email list.

With a mobile sign up form app, like Atom, people could easily subscribe to your email list in less than a minute directly from your mobile device.

The benefit of an app like this is that it supports an easy user experience for someone who is signing up to your list in person. Since it functions just like a sign up form you would have on your web page, you could include information about your email list & customize the design. The best part of all? You do not need access to the internet in order for people to subscribe.

How you could use this page: While any event where you are face-to-face with customers & prospects is ideal for using a mobile sign up form app, you could also set this up at your brick & mortar store. It even comes in handy if you strike up a conversation with anyone in line at the grocery store!



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