The 7 Figure Cycle Review

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7 Figure Cycle Review – a unique system that lets you create so called profit cycles every 2 weeks & replicate it up to 26 times per year. Profit margins are good coming in at around 50%+. Due to the snowball effect, earnings could quickly ramp up to a few thousand per day or month.

There’s a lot of moving parts, so you need to know what you’re doing. However, ANYBODY can do this, it just takes work & dedication.

The way it works is by leveraging the selling platform to achieve millions of hungry buyers & sell your products in 14 day cycles at a 50%+ profit margin. Once the foundation is set, you could see sales coming in in literally a few hours.

Nobody has been able to replicate/do this ever before, due to the fact that, it is VERY hard to know which products are going to sell fast, so you could turn around your investment.

Proprietary Software Suite – an in house “Profit-Blaze” software, grew only for the members of the 7 figure cycle can pin-point winning products that are going to sell like hot cakes! If you’re not able to get results, Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth are offering a DOUBLE money back guarantee!

The method it works, is by analyzing millions of products, from exclusive data feeds & compare that to the environment, to serve you the profit margins & sell-ability. It enables you to recognize the most lucrative opportunities, all in a matter of seconds, something that would take hours of work, without the Profit Blaze software.

We believe that this is one of the most well-thought-out plans in recent eCommerce history. A system that appropriates for newbies & experienced online business owners alike, gives you an “out-of-the-box” type of business. When you are a member, a “ready to sell” product is guaranteed. The first thing you’ll need to do is to go through the training, in order to get the fundamental plans in place. Only then, with solid fundamentals, you’ll be able to start building these sales cycles. Even though you might be an experienced business owner, Amazon seller, online business owner/anything in between, you’ll NEED to get a grasp of these principles.

The beauty of the framework is that you could do this without:

  • Building/designing a website
  • Worrying about shipping times and delays
  • Upfront investments for stock ($100 could be more than enough)
  • Having to pay for ANY advertising
  • ANY customer support & services
  • Having to develop, design, brand/built products

Now you might be asking yourself, how is this even possible? The sound is so good to be true right? Well, to put it simply, Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton have built an extensive network of USA based reliable wholesalers, that support HIGH QUALITY products at VERY competitive prices. As a result, the profit margins are in the upper 50% & you always sell high quality products & keep the customers satisfied.

The product catalogs include millions of SKUs that are run through the Profit Blaze software. The proprietary software will sift through the millions of products & compare the wholesale prices to prices. There is more to the formula than this… but Aidan & Steve are keeping it a secret until the launch.

Here are the 10000 foot views of the Seven Figure Cycle:

  1. Find a wholesaler in the comprehensive in-house database
  2. Run the products through the Profit Blaze software & identify a profitable one in SECONDS
  3. Order the products & the selected wholesalers
  4. Send the products directly to Amazon
  5. Sell them in less than 14 days at a 50%+ profit
  6. Repeat the cycle up to 26 times per year

The marketplace that is available to sellers on the Amazon is astonishing. There’re literally millions of buyers, that already trust the brand & like to purchase on their platform, which is good for us – the sellers.



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